Marjane's Influence On Persepolis

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The graphic novel, Persepolis, follows young Marjane Satrapi as she lives through the Iranian Revolution. Living through this time helped Marjane develop into a strong-willed young woman who wanted change within her country. Because of the world she grew up in, Marjane had been exposed to revolutions of the past and their leaders. She soaked up everything she could about these people, such as Karl Marx and Fidel Castro. These past revolutionaries heavily influenced Marjane’s worldview, similar to those who influenced my own worldview, activists such as Angela Davis and Assata Shakur. Marjane is a young girl when the revolution begins in Iran, but she is not completely oblivious to what is happening. While she is not fully able to understand the reasons behind the Revolution, she still wants to be involved. Her parents supported the Revolution, and they chose not to keep Marjane in the dark about what was going on. They told her stories of their own demonstrations, and bought her an immense amount of books to help her understand. Through these books she came to know everything about people such as Fidel Castro and Karl Marx. It was easy to understand that the more she read, the more involved she wanted to be in the revolution.…show more content…
Her desire to make an impact through demonstrating in the revolution is shown through these conversations. The impact Karl Marx makes on her life is also shown through the way she pictures him compared to the way she pictures God. She says, “It was funny to see how much Marx and God looked like each other. Though Marx’s hair was a bit curlier.” (Satrapi, 13) The reader can easily see that Marx has made a large impact on her thinking, if she is comparing him to God, who is also an important figure in her

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