Cabin In The Wood And Fear Island Comparison

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From what I have learned in this two movies “Cabin In The Wood” directed by Drew Goddard and “Fear Island” directed by Michael Storey, the comparison that I had found out is that they contain a few similarities in the layout which is the number of main characters, the storyline, the leading role model of the character and the genre. The 5 main characters in the movie “Cabin In the Woods” are Dana acted by Kristen Connolly, Marty acted by Gran Kranz, Jules acted by Anna Hutchison, Curt acted by Chris Hemsworth and Holden acted by Jesse Williams (website retrieved The movie “Fear Island” also contain 5 main characters which were acted by Haylie Duff as Jenna, Aaron Ashmore as Mark, Lucy Hale as Megan, Kyle Schmid as Tyler Campbell and Jacob Blair as Kyle Campbell (website retrieved…show more content…
The movie “Cabin in the Woods”, the main leading character Dana die last with Marty. The first character named Jules was beheaded by a zombie when she was having a stroll with Curt in the woods, fortunately for Curt, he managed to escape from the ordeal, but later he was the second casualty, when he decides to jump the ravine with a dirt bike which is at the back of the RV to go get help. He hits the invisible barrier and dies. The third was Holden, he is stabbed through the head and the RV crashes into the lake. The movie “Fear Island” the first dead was a girl, she was locked in a hot tub. The second was Kyle Campbell he was burried in the place where Retina was

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