Meals On Wheels Executive Summary

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C & N Associates, the client, is a multifunctional company characterized by working thinking in the common benefit of its customers. This company operates with economic help from foundations and government. Moreover, it works as a management consultant for many kinds of projects and will be focused on a food home delivery service called Meals on Wheels. C & N Associates want to maintain the texture, taste and appealing of some kinds of food to increase the enthusiasm in consumers, providing a great quality of food. Currently, quality of food is defined by measuring the greatness of its most important features like the texture, flavor, appearance and nutrition value for the consumer [1]-[2]-[3]. However, these important characteristics can change physically, chemically and biologically due to many factors such as temperature [4]-[5]. Certain ranges of temperature (16-38°C) allow the growth of bacteria and microorganisms specially in hazardous food (seafood, dairy products, food with protein) [4]-[5]. These foods are considered as hazardous because allow the growth of microorganisms that can form toxins [5]. This dangerous food should be packaged at a temperature of 5°C or less, or 60°C or more in order to decrease the bacterial growth and avoid the formation of toxins that affect the health of the consumers [4]-[5].…show more content…
However, many packages do not allow the transfer of vapors due to its permeability provocating an excess of humidity and moisture [6]-[1]. It allows the growth and multiplication of bacteria and microorganisms that can damage the nutrients and vitamins of food [4]-[8]-[10]. Furthermore, there is a release of extracellular enzymes (amylases, lipases proteases) that can affect the texture, flavor, odor and appearance of food

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