Hurricane Clenn Persuasive Speech

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I am speaking to you from the state of Louisiana, where as you have all heard we have had a very tragic natural disaster, wiping out the majority of the state. Hurricane Glenn has destroyed thousands of residents homes and belongings. The state is nearly vacant, still underwater, searching for loved ones, and grieving for the dead. Billions of dollars of damage has been made due to Hurricane Glenn. This is such a tragedy for the entire state. I have passed the emergency funding bill into law to help out the state of Louisiana during this devastating time. This bill includes $20 million to support recovery efforts in Louisiana. I want to make certain these individuals and their families are fed, clothed, and housed. Any medical assistance…show more content…
The money will provide support to those who lost their homes as well as business owners whose businesses were destroyed. It will also compensate for the rebuilding of shorelines, ways of travel, and repairing of bridges and tunnels. I want to show my gratitude to Congress for giving the state of Louisiana the help they deserve. The Hurricane Glenn relief funding bill passed by vote 434-1 in the House of Representatives, passed by vote of 100-0 in the Senate, and a poll taken by a major media outlet shows that 73% of Americans are in support of the emergency funding bill. With the majority ruling if favor we can all contribute and lend a helping hand to the state of Louisiana in such horrific times. We have people working around the clock to help every individual and family in need. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and Red Cross teams are working in shelters to meet every persons needs. The help includes providing aid such as temporary housing, crisis counseling, and medical assistance. There are thousands of people that are desperately awaiting aid. Assistance will be into each of these victims hands as soon as

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