Maya Angelou Racism

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In I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou was always an insecure person. She grew up with her brother, Bailey, in the south in the 1930's, but then moved to Stamps, Arkansas to live with their grandma, Annie, after their parents got a divorce. Growing up, Annie was like the children's mother because their real mother was never around. Most children are very racist to Angelou, and they often bully her, but her brother sticks up for her. He is the main male role in her life because she has no memory of her father. Until one day, her father showed up to Stamps unexpectedly to take her and her brother to live with their birth mother, Vivian. One day Vivian's boyfriend, Mr. Freeman, sexually molested Angelou, and then raped her. They went to court, but soon after Mr. Freeman was released, he was beaten to death. Angelou lied in court in order for Freeman to be condemned, so she feels guilty for his death. Because she lied, she felt like she "sold herself to the Devil", Angelou doesn't talk to anyone but Bailey. At first her family understands, but then they get angry about it. Shortly after, Angelou and Bailey get sent back to Stamps. However, Momma eventually breaks Angelou's silence.…show more content…
Momma is scared for the children's safety, so she sends them back to live with their mother. Vivian marries a man who is a good father figure, and they all move in with him in San Francisco where Angelou finally feels at home. One summer Angelou goes to live with her father and his girlfriend, Delores. She and Angelou get into a fight, and Delores stabs Angelou, making her run away, where she stays in a junkyard with other teenagers. After spending a few weeks in the junkyard, she moves back to live with her mom. While they were there, Angelou's dream was to become a streetcar conductor. Her dream comes true, making her the first African American to work in the streetcars in San

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