Global Warming Argumentative Essay

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Thesis: Both human actions and natural disasters are causes of global warming and the deterioration of earth. I. Topic Sentence: The earth provides protection against the danger of radiation from the sun, but the human expansion of the greenhouse effect results in global warming. A. Claim- My first photo is of earth as seen from space with the focus of the picture on North and South America, and my second photo shows two polar bears in the Artic. Evidence- The second picture depicts two healthy polar bears surrounded by an expanse of ice and snow. Explanation- Earth’s ozone layer prevents the majority of the sun’s radiation from reaching earth and melting the polar ice caps. B. Claim: The next three photos display both the human and natural…show more content…
C. Claim: With the rise of temperatures due to global warming and the continuation of industrialization, events such as smog in China, wildfires, endangerment of animal species, and extended periods of drought occur across the world. Evidence- After viewing the slideshow, observer Mackenzie Gallop commented, “It is very clear that the first half of the slideshow led to the poor conditions shown in the later photos.” Explanation- When cars and factories burn fossil fuels such as coal, gasoline, and natural gas, large amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere which causes an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. II. Topic Sentence: Out of the four students that examined my photo album, four out of five were able to clearly distinguish the theme. A. Claim: Those who viewed my photo album could understand the theme of global warming within the first couple of photos. Evidence- My first observer, Joseph Axton, immediately caught on to the theme when he saw the photo of the world and of the healthy polar

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