Mary Rowlandson Captivity

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Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson is like a diary letting us know about the life of people from Europe when they colonized in Indians land. In this article, the author was also the main character, and most of the story parts were her life while she was imprisoned. Even though what happened to her and her family was lamentable, I don't agree that she was a victim because she was one of the colonists, the Indians did see her as a human, and the Indians have their own right and justice. In this article, we don't fully know what her and her family role was in America, but it didn't change that they were living in the land that didn't belong to them. From Digital History, it claimed that the English came to the new land for gaining new resources and finding the benefits from that land 1. We may assume that her family came here for that purpose, and the ways she thought about the Indians were hostile. For example, she wrote that, "I chose rather to go along with those (as I may say) ravenous beasts" 2. Therefore, we can exclude her purpose from being human-right tender. She and her family were not different from being the invaders, so she should knew something like that would happen to her soon.…show more content…
The author wrote that, "the squaw was boiling horses feet; then she cut me off a little piece, and gave one of the English children a piece also." 3. They still shared their food that they usually ate to their prisoner, and it also showed that the Indians showed their "humidity" towards the colonists, "I went into one and there found a squaw who showed herself very kind to me" 4. They didn't do anything like torturing her for their entertainment, and she and her family eventually went home with no
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