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Some may know it as Coney Island while others may call it “amusing the million” a place that earned its nickname by attracting thousands of tourist to millions in a single season. Before the turn of the century men and women were raised under “Victorians” norms in which they were supposed to act well manner and behaved until after the turn of the century occurred. Coney Island was created near Manhattan and Brooklyn in the state of New York. Coney Island was formed to allow everyone from different social classes to come together and become equal. Also, it gave those who were hassled with daily life a chance to relieve any stress. During the turn of the century Coney Island symbolized the new generation’s mindset. In addition, it symbolizes…show more content…
Instead it drew those from all different social classes that came together to socialize and be unionized. Some of societal norms Coney Island had an impact on are men and women responsibilities equality, working class-leisure time and young men and women sexuality interaction. The early twentieth century the societal norms for women were classified as housewives who stayed in the house to take care of the children and other “Suzy homemaker” chores. The men went out and worked hard to put food on the table for their families. In the early century men made all the decision for their families, they were truly classified under the phrase “man of the house”. Moreover, the men were treated like kings in their house; they didn’t have to do anything but relax. But on Coney Island it offered more opportunity for young men and women. In addition, Coney Island helped change the mindset of those who believed traditional living was the correct way. Also, Coney Island showed Americans such as men and women the opening to think of one another as equal rather than one is superior to the other. In society outside women and men did not have equal rights; women were considered to be inferior to men. Although in my opinion the women

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