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Mary Musgrove Mary Musgrove is recognized for the many accomplishments she accomplished in life and the many extraordinary things she did while she lived. She was born as Coosaponakeesa, a Native American race. She was the daughter of Edward Griffin an English Carolina trader and a Yamacraw African woman. It has been said that Mary’s mother died when she was just 3 years old, and she was taken into the custody of her grandmother, in my opinion she basically was raised by her grandmother. Later as times passed by she became known by her Christian and married names. She was commonly known by Mary Musgrove Matthews Bosomworth. Her father read her a story of a woman who was supposedly royal from the Bible and she decided to be named Mary. Mary Musgrove was born in the key Creek town of Coweta, and she came from a distinguished lineage family. It has been stated that the mother was the sister of Brims; a very important leader of Coweta, he was the main man of Coweta.…show more content…
Most likely Mary’s family probably traveled, traded, and lived in both of these towns and had family relations in each town. Mary herself stated that she was indeed born in Coweta. She lived with the Creeks until the age of seven till she was brought back down by her farther form the Indian Nation to Pomponne in South Carolina; There she was baptized, Educated and raised upon the principles of Christianity. After being baptized her Christian name became Mary. Mary continued to live in Pon Pon (short for Pomponne). She stayed there for quite a while until the Yamasee War of 1715 broke out, then she returned to her Creek

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