Monty Python And Stereotypes

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We as a species have adapted a need to use humor as a way of dealing with stereotypes and cultural differences. Monty Python explored the concept of war many times throughout their 4 series. In the sketches ‘Mr hilter’ and ‘The killer joke’ 20 years after the war tackled the delicate subject of hitler's ruling years. Monty Python used humor to appeal to people thought the idea of distancing us from traumatic historical events between the different cultures opening ourselves to dialogue around the subject and allowing us to laugh freely at the concept rather than shying away from it. By using satire to allow us to laugh at the historical authority figures through ridicule and mockery when in previous years it may have been seen as inappropriate…show more content…
We witness him running for parliament for somerset. Towards the end of the sketch we see them interviewing various members of the public of minehead asking them their opinion of Mr hilters policies. Here it is made clear that the group are not condoning the actions of hitler during the war, and are using humour to open our eyes to the ridiculousness of what he stood for. They have used humor to ridicule the concept of the Nazi party. ‘I think he's right about the coons, but then I'm a bit mental’-Terry Jones (, n.d.) This is a quote from the ending of the of the sketch, It’s made clear here that the intention of the script is not to offend. They have explored the idea of race as a cultural issue by exploring Hitler's out of date approach to race and sex. By embracing hitler's acts of racism in a comical light it shows us that it’s okay to laugh and ridicule these concepts. The idea of implying that people who are racist and have similar opinions to Hitler are ‘Mental’ allows us to laugh at the seriousness of the situation which neutralises racism. Its said that if you contribute to a joke where you are victimised then its no longer funny to those discriminating against you which is the main use of satire in modern comedy. Monty

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