Satire In Monty Python

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This sketch was designed to show people that it is okay to laugh at frowned upon subjects, Death is after all the one of the only things we all have in common. I think the reason the BBC made the assumption that the Python sketch group wouldn’t succeed is because they didn’t understand the radical nature of the comedy, This wasn’t something that had been aired on the bbc before and because of its easily misunderstood content and frequent approach of taboo subject matters it was a large risk to take. Satirist see it as their duty to open our eyes to the corruption and conditions of our society, Which is exactly what the Pythons continued to do. It is argued that this sketch aimed to show us that death isn’t something to shy away from. We’re all competing in life to be the best, the comedy is that when we all pass. What were we all competing for? This sketch was one of the inspirations for one of the many Monty Python Film ‘The Meaning Of Life’…show more content…
However satire does it in a light hearted educational way where many say that Black comedy is designed more to shock or offend than it is for enjoyment. I think the genre of the Monty Python sketches really depends on the interpretation of the humor by the audience. Many people today view the sketch as light hearted humor aimed to engage and amuse the audience. However there are still people today that will watch it and find some of the things in the sketch highly offensive for whatever

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