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Mary Magdalene is considered to be a saint by the Catholic Church , Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches, including a celebration day in July 22. Jesus casted out seven demons from Mary Magdalene in Luke 8:2. Magdalene possibly indicates that she came from the city of Magdala, located on the southwest coast of the Galilean Sea. After Jesus casted out the seven demons from her, Mary became one of His followers. Mary Magdalene was associated with the "sinner woman" mentioned in Luke 7:37, the one that washed Christ’s feet, however there is no scriptural basis for such association. The city of Magdala indeed had a bad reputation for prostitution. The previous information, together with Luke’s first mention of Mary Magdalene right…show more content…
Mary Magdalene is also connected with the woman whom Jesus saved from being stoned to death, after being accused of adultery (John 8:1-11). But once again, this is just an association without biblical evidence. Mary of Magdala witnessed most of the events involving the crucifixion. She witnessed the trial of Jesus; she listened to Pontius Pilate pronouncing the death sentence; and she saw Jesus being beat and humiliated by the soldiers and the crowd. She stood close to Jesus during the crucifixion possibly trying to comfort Him. She was the first witness to see Jesus resurrected, Jesus sent her to tell the disciples about the resurrection (John 20:11-18). This is the last mention of Mary Magdalene in the Bible, but very likely she was among the women who united with the apostles to await the coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:14). The movie “The DaVinci Code” also claims that Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ were married. Non-biblical early writings (considered heresy by the early church) suggest a special friendship between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. However, one more time there is not…show more content…
Odo of Cluny wrote around 900s AD a description of Mary's family as nobility,[51] then in the Golden Legend they family are called magnates - royals, called the lords of Bethany and owners of many properties in Jerusalem. ...Magdalene abounded in riches, and because delight is fellow to riches and abundance of things; and for so much as she shone in beauty greatly, and in riches, so much the more she submitted her body to delight, and therefore she lost her right name, and was called customably a sinner.[52] The creative yet conflicting legends about Mary Magdalene brought her to Western Europe after Jesus's life on earth and were very accepted in the Western church, but not at all by Eastern Orthodoxies, they had Magdalene going away with the Mary mother of Jesus, and dying in Ephesus. The Golden Legend says that the place where Mary moves to repent is near Aix-en- Provence in the South area of France. MAJOR EVENTS 1. Mary Magdalene disciple of Jesus (Luke

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