Unofficial Valentine's Day Analysis

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Today Was Declared To Be "Unofficial Valentine's Day" By Glenn And Maggie. All The Guys Went Out On A Run While The Gals Stayed Back To Watch Over The House Carol Had Found Earlier That Day. Rick Had Given Her First Pick Of The Rooms For Scoring This Great Place, She Decided On A Master Bedroom With A Fireplace. Sitting Down Her Bag Beside The Bed, She Lay Down And Let Out A Sigh Of Relief. Sitting Up Carol's Fingers Slid Over The Silky Satin Sheets, Feeling It's Smoothness. Standing She Made Her Way To The Living Room Where Everyone Was Fantasizing About Who The Guys Were Getting Stuff For. "Rick's Totally Gonna Get You Something, Michonne, "Said Tara Excitedly. Michonne Just Shrugged And Replied, Grinning, "Maybe, But Daryl's Surely Gonna…show more content…
"No, I'm Fine. We Just Somebody On Watch Is All," Carol Says Brushing Past Tara And Walking Out. Looking Back At The Other Girls Tara Says, "I Can't Be The Only One Who Thinks There's Something Going On Between Those Two, Right?" Laughing They All Nod In Agreement At That Statement. "Where's The Damn Candy?" Shouted Daryl As He Walked Up And Down Aisles Looking For Some Chocolate. "Calm Down, It's Over Here," Glenn Replied Walking Right To An Aisle With A Big Sign That Had "Candy" Printed On It. Huffing Daryl Stomped Over To Glenn And Started Searching For One Thing In Particular; Hershey's. "Who Are You Getting This Stuff For?" Asked Glenn As He Threw Some Random Stuff In His Bag. "None Of Your Damn Business," Daryl Shot Back Angrily, Finally Finding What He Wanted. "Geez, I Was Just Wondering," Glenn Replied Back Walking Off To Somewhere Else But Not Before Mumbling, "Probably Carol." After Stuffing The Pack Of Hershey's Into His Bag, Daryl Wandered Towards The Jewelry Section, Carol's Words From A Two Years Ago Replaying In His Mind- "Ed Never Let Me Wear Nice Things." Most Of The Display Cases Were Smashed, But He Was Determined To Find Her Something, And That's When He Saw…show more content…
"Thought You'd Like It," Daryl Replied, Chewing His Lip. "Could You Help Me Put It On?" She Asked Turning Around And Waiting. Nodding His Head, As He Put The Necklace Around Her Neck, Trying To Clasp It With His Fumbling Fingers Around Ten Times Before It Finally Worked. "Thank You," She Said, Turning And Wrapping Her Arms Around Him In A Hug. Daryl's Arms Wrapped Back Around Her Small Frame. Carol Pulled Back Enough And Looked Into Those Eyes That She Loses Herself In, Watching As His Gaze Drifted Down To Her Lips. Daryl's Gaze Drifted Back Up To Carol's As If Asking Permission To Kiss Her, Slightly Nodding Her Head Was All He Needed As He Tentatively Leaned Closer To Her. Stopping Inches Away From Her Face, Their Breath Mingled For A Moment Before His Lips Covered Hers In A Gentle, Yet Passionate First Kiss. Daryl's Hand Slid Into Carol's Hair Pulling Her Closer, As His Tongue Slid Across Her Lower Lip, Causing Her To Gasp And Allow Him More Territory To Explore. A Few Minutes Later They Broke Apart For Air, Leaning Their Foreheads Together. "I Love You," Carol Stated Breathlessly. "Love Ya Too," Daryl Replied Back, Placing A Kiss On Her

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