Similarities Between Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X

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“Brothers, the white man can’t give you the solution. You will never get the solution from any white liberal”. This quote by Malcolm X proves that segregation and discrimination in the United States between the blacks and the whites is a deep-rooted, prominent issue. Both, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. tried to make a change and worked to eradicate segregation and racism once and for all. Malcolm X’s way resulted in chaos and destruction, while Martin Luther King’s method resulted in peace and power. Although both men used different approaches in trying to find justice, Malcolm X using violence Martin Luther King Jr. using non-violent protest , both believed in getting the right that they have been abandoned from for generations. Growing up in a divided world has its effects on an individual. Depending on personality, the person world react either in a negative or positive way. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up more privileged and wealthy in comparison to other African- Americans. He way isolated from cruel segregation. His father, known as Daddy King, raised his son to be ready to lead a hard life. King strongly believed in non-violent protest. He believes that fighting violence with violence will only result in even more violence, and that…show more content…
Growing up, Malcolm and his family suffered severe discrimination from his white counterparts. His family home was burned to the ground after he moved to Lansing, Michigan. People attempted to burn his house previously, but did not succeed at that attempt. His father was murdered and his body was left to be brutally mutilated by trains on train tracks. He then moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where he learned from the streets. His life as a criminal ended when he was arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison. He became a muslim, and was taught to believe that white people must be hated. All this built up anger and hatred made Malcolm want

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