Mark Twain's The Call Of The Wild

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The Call of the Wild The Call of the Wild is a tragic story about husky a dog named Buck that was taken from his family and sent to a place to be sold to dog fighters. Buck is then taken away from his home and sent to a man in a red sweater where he is beaten and starved, so he would know his place at companion (London 9). He learned to never fight a man when he was wielding a club or a whip. “The Call of the Wild” is what Buck begins to hear at the end of the novel. It was a feeling Buck was feeling as he slowly transformed from a domestic house dog, to a wolf of the Wild. Throughout the novel, Buck goes through so many changes as his primal urges deep within him and taken over his personality. After he was abused by the dog trainer in the red sweater, he is sold as a sled dog where he is put on a sled team. Buck is smarter than…show more content…
They soon ran low of food and soon starved the animals just to make it day by day. Their loads were too heavy and they did not know how to care for the dogs, and soon enough, one by one the dogs started getting sick and dying right before Buck’s eyes. The remaining dogs made it to John Thornton's cabin. Hal did not want to stop and let the dogs rest and John was furious. He took and Buck and healed him in his home. Buck learned to love John and to trust humans again for the first time since he was taken from his California home. John treated him as an equal, not just a sled dog. Buck felt his primal urges coming out as he traveled with John across the frozen Alaskan land. While traveling with John, he hears a wolf call and it strikes something inside him. The call reopened something inside Buck that was almost tamed by his love for John. The call was occurring more and he followed it into the woods where he found a wolf with whom he made friends with. Buck was becoming a wolf and his wild-like urges are coming out

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