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With watching “Wit,” it allowed some insight on how a cancer patient, Vivian Bearing, was treated. Two big things were brought to our attention, communication and professional characteristics. Throughout the movie we see the importance of those two ideas. Empathy was also one idea that really needed to be shown. Why don’t we go a little deeper into these ideas. Communication is a crucial aspect to healthcare. The way the healthcare providers communicate with their patients, can determine how that patients experience will be. In “Wit,” Vivian’s experience was not as good as it should've been. There were very few open-ended questions or really any professional characteristics that were positive. One of her nurses was very empathic towards…show more content…
This movie really showed how communication is a big deal. Throughout this movie, we learned what to do and what not to do for professional characteristics and communication. From the start her doctor used medical terms, making it hard for the patient to actually understand what she is getting into and what is actually wrong with her. When Vivian first met her doctor, there was an instant competition, because they both had a doctorate. One of her doctors,Jason, was actually a student of hers, so that made him very awkward. Which is understandable but he really need to be professional. At one point he had to give her a pelvic exam, before the exam he quickly grabbed and put her legs in the stirrups. He forgot to get her female nurse, so Jason had to go grab her before he could actually begin. Jason quickly rushed out, leaving the door wide open and Vivian was left in a very uncomfortable position. He asked very close-ended questions, not really showing much interest in her.…show more content…
I would of tried a lot harder to help my patient, it was sad how many of them treated her. If I was Vivian, I would have probably done the same with the sassy remarks and just getting in the routine of how I was being treated. But at the same time I do not think I could just allow myself to be treated like this, but it might be so much different actually being in her shoes. This movie made me upset because of how they treated her as an experiment not as a human. Everyone should be treated with respect and the same as everyone else. I feel that if you want to be a healthcare provider, you to have empathy. After watching this it really opened my mind and showed me how I will be in the future. Even at work I am trying to ask open-ended questions and it actually is kind of hard. I think it will be important to get out of that habit for the sake of my future patients. “Wit” was a really good eye

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