Comparing The Lorax And The Masque Of The Red Death

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A common debate that still rages today is whether we as a species have free will or if some divine source, some call it fate, controls our destiny. The same debate applies to three stories. A Christmas Carol, The Lorax and “The Masque of the the Red Death”. Each of these stories has hints of the debate between whether fate exists or not. Sometimes a bit more obvious, other times not so much. Does Ebenezer Scrooge have control of his fate as well as The Onceler, and Prince Prospero? I myself believe that you cannot change fate. Fate is about the future and shaping your future. Since it is about the future the past does not matter. If you try to change fate by going into the past, which we cannot do, it would not work because you would make…show more content…
Seuss is a story that contradicts the idea of your destiny being chosen for you. When the Onceler chooses to cut down a truffula tree in order to make a thneed, that’s where everything started. After one tree came two, then more and more. He eventually cut down every single truffula tree. He was asked to stop and warned many times by the Lorax, but he did not listen. He came to the point where he was out of business because there were no more trees. He became miserable and that was his destiny. The things he did caused this future for him. But, he was able to change it. After all of the truffula trees were gone and a long span of time had passed the Onceler was approached and started to tell the story of his past. He knew what he had done was wrong and at the end of the story the Onceler told the child he was speaking to what the Lorax put on the stone. The Lorax had the word “unless” there. The Onceler finally realized what unless meant. The Onceler said “ Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing's going to get better, it’s not.” This shows that if one person cares about the environment enough and takes the time to try and change the outcome and try to clean the world up, they can change the world. The person the Onceler was telling the story to took the last truffula seed and planted it. The trees grew and grew and the animals like the swaney swans, the brown bar-ba-loots, and the humming fish started to come back slowly. The…show more content…
They show allegories, lessons to be learned, opinions, and so much more. In this case opinion was the most important factor. Some authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, agree with me on the ideas of changing destiny or fate. We believe that there is no such thing as fate because nobody plans our life ahead of us, Not even our creator. We are the ones who create our future. Although in a lot of fables the antagonist (the hero) has a 'fate', it's just a fable. No god or creator can tell us that we have to save the Earth or the Universe. We are put on the planet to survive, and to interact with it. With every choice we make in our lives, it leads to a consequence - either good or bad. There is no fate. However, If I could change my fate if it were possible, I would, but it is not. I still believe there is no fate. It is up to us to shape our future. Other authors such as Dr.Seuss and Charles Dickens believe otherwise. In their stories they showed the antagonist changing their destiny and making things better for several people. Poe showed that everyone was going to die no matter what they did, that is the difference between opinions. Dickens clearly showed how your fate affects people other than yourself when Scrooge is shown that if he does not change Tiny Tim will die. Since Scrooge was shown this it helped him make the decision that he needed to change his life. Suess was able to show he view on fate by

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