Edna Pontellier In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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In The Awakening by Kate Chopin, Edna Pontellier is trying to find who she is through her awakening. An awakening can be defined as a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something. Edna is not happy in her marriage with Leonce Pontellier, Leonce is a respected businessman that values appearance. He believes he’s a perfect husband since he provides Edna with plenty of money, sends her care packages while he’s away, and lets her do what she wants. Leonce believes he deserves a perfect wife even though he treats Edna like property, he is bewildered at Edna’s new attitude and can’t figure out what is wrong with her. He has no idea Edna has fallen in love with Robert Lebrun, a young man who’s known for becoming devout to a different…show more content…
Pontellier can also be described as tolerant, he lets Edna do what she wants even though he treats her like property. Part of Leonce’s leniency toward Edna is because Dr. Mandelet told Leonce to let Edna do what she wants and she’ll go back to normal.”let your wife alone for a while. Don’t bother her, and don’t let her bother you,”(71). Leonce wants an opinion on what he should do about Edna and goes to ask Dr. Mandelet. He tells Leonce to leave her alone for a while and she’ll be back to how she was before. Even before he goes to see Dr. Mandelet, Leonce is tolerant of Edna, when Edna starts gaining interest in painting he really doesn’t care if she does or not.” ‘I feel like painting,’ answered Edna, ‘Perhaps I shan’t feel like it. Then in God’s name paint! but don’t let the family go to the devil,’’(62). Leonce doesn’t care what Edna does as long as she does her responsibilities around the house. Leonce only cares how he appears to others so he doesn’t care what Edna does as long as it doesn’t make him look bad. Others start to notice Leonce’s lack of control over Edna, when Edna’ father came to visit Edna and Leonce he told Leonce, “You are too lenient, too lenient by far Leonce,”(77). Edna’s father believes Leonce needs to take control of Edna, so Leonce has lost control of Edna and she can no longer be anyone’s
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