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“You are Happy” by Margaret Atwood and “ Traveling through the Dark” by William Stafford captures the dark times and the decision the speakers have to make to overcome the darkness. “You are Happy” by Margaret Atwood show us about an animal's point of view and Circe’s point of view in seeking happiness which is ironic because the speakers live a life of suffering and despair. “ Traveling through the Dark” by William Stafford describes his decisions, he makes when he sees the deer dead on the road. Both poems have contrasting tones, Ironic, and the speakers emotion is pointed out when he has to make decision about what to do. The first part of the poem “ You are Happy”, is told by an animal point of view because it describes numerous images…show more content…
Going through the dark is difficult because it is hard to see you don’t know when you might accidently hit something. There are different types of darkness shown throughout the poem- the unknown, an ominous feeling of something evil. The speaker has to make decision what to do with the dead pregnant deer on the side of the rode. Should he save the baby deer inside her or leave her like nothing happened at all these were the feelings that were inside of him. In the opening we come to know that the deer is lying on the cold dark road and speaker figured out that the deer has just recently been killed. The speaker “dragged her off” to the side and while carrying he noticed the large belly which was; he realized her fawn was ready to emerge outside which he thought was ironic because he knew that the baby won’t ever be born. He chose to leave the baby inside because he felt the baby will be lonely because the fawn will have no one that can take care of the fawn. So he left fawn inside so that the darkness can’t consume the fawn. The parking lights of the car were on and the engine was making a sound of triumph that the deer is dead. Its exhaust fumes symbolized the color red which made him think of the dead deer on the road and the car all lifelike instead of the siffened deer. Choosing the right path is hard. They are difficult because we will always be reminded of the
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