Meg Giry: The Phantom Of The Opera

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From the start of the Phantom of the Opera to the end of Love Never Dies, Meg Giry endured a lot of change. In the Phantom of the opera she was an energetic, happy little girl. But at the end of Love Never Dies she was homicidal and suicidal. Some of these bad thoughts developed in the Phantom of the Opera with her slight jealousy of Christine (the Phantoms attention). With being said she was mostly a good girl in The Phantom. She was an innocent, shy, blond headed girl who did whatever her mom said. She was a mommy’s girl. She had a very close relationship with her mother, Madame Giry. She was also very close to a girl named Christine Daae, you may have heard of her. They were very good friends and Meg was very protective of her. Meg wanted…show more content…
He was a upper-class, snobby-rich-kid. He is a wealthy, outgoing man who holds himself very high. He grew up with Christine and they were good, close friends during their childhood. Mr. de Chagny definitely believes in love. He claimed he loved Christine but he may or may not have truly loved her. The possibility of him actually not loving her is more plausible in Love Never Dies because of his abuse towards Christine. With this being said, he will ignore the class system for love. This means if he truly loves Christine he will still love her even though he is a in a higher class than her. On the other hand Christine is like a prize to be one for him. Him and the Phantom compete for the lovely Miss. Daae. In The Phantom of the Opera, Raoul came out on top and won the prize of Christine, but the end of Love Never Dies is a whole different story. Speaking of Love Never Dies, Raoul goes through a major yet subtle change from The Phantom of the Opera. Raoul’s true self shows in the sequel of the critically acclaimed original. In this installment Christine and Raoul come to Phantasma, for Christine to payoff Raouls gambling debts via a performance. Him and Christine have a child named Gustave, there's one catch though. Gustave is actually the Phantom’s and Christine’s kid, Raoul just thinks Gustave is his. I know, its crazy. Raoul’s fathering aren’t that great, either. In the play he just ignored Gustave and didn’t play with him. He is not a good family man, either. He is a heavy drinker and alcoholic and he emotionally and verbally abuses Christine. Christine does not disagree with him and she is scared to say anything around him because of the abuse. Raoul does this because he hates the attention Christine gets. Even though he has this ugly personality he is able to reflect how he has messed in his life and he feels like a loser. In my opinion he is a loser because his

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