The Harp Alternate Ending

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The Harp He walked briskly past the fields to the shore where he knew his friend Sam would be. He looked around anxiously double checking that no else was out and about. Even though the sun had not risen; he knew he could never be too careful. He always rose before the sun earning himself the name, Early. He looked on to see the bony figure of Sam, sitting on the shore, arms folded over his bent knees, staring out the ocean as if waiting for something. Early remembered the time when he had rescued the boy from drowning in that very ocean two or three years before. He frowned when he thought of it. The poor soul. His older sister had just died, leaving him alone after his parents had died when he was barely a year old. The boys had tried to swim as far away as possible. He was willing and hoping to die. The…show more content…
The sun had set long ago. He wondered if she thought he was dead or was she was angry with him. He smiled when he imagined her enraged face when and if she found out where he had gone. She would yell at him, probably for being stupid and because he could of died. Early shook his head, knowing it would do him no good to get homesick right now. There was next to no light where they were but there was a lighter up ahead indicating a clearing. Early pointed to the light, “Do you want to head over there?” Sam nodded and they both began to walk towards the light leading to a beautiful clearing that had a river flowing with trees towering above the river. Sam tapped Early’s shoulder and gestured to something glinting on the other side of the river. “Look!” he exclaimed, “It’s the harp.” Early looked to where he was pointing and blinked in disbelief but, sure enough it was a harp. Sam lowered himself down from the rock he was standing on and began jumping across the rocks to get himself to the other side of the river. He yelled, “Come

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