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Trinity Philbrick Due Date- Friday the 25th Journal 1 I am reading “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” by W.D. Wetherell. This story is about a boy who really likes this girl Sheila Mant, so he asks her out on a date but then he gets a fish. He then has to try and choose between the bass or Sheila. In this journal I will be questioning and piecing together the clues of what will happen with the bass and Sheila, what is he going to choose? While I am reading the book, I wonder if he is going to choose the bass or Sheila. I think the boy will choose the bass because it’s his favorite pass time hobby he’s been doing it since he was really young. He’s been fishing practically his whole life, if he isn’t stalking Sheila he’s fishing.…show more content…
The narrator really likes this girl Sheila, but he also likes fishing and he eventually needs to choose between Sheila and the bass. He’s in love with Sheila because she’s older, beautiful, and he is very attracted to her. He has a huge crush on her and he can't stop stalking, thinking, and worrying about her. The narrator stalks her a lot and tries to know everything about her, he goes to some of the parties she goes to when his parents fall asleep, he admires her every move. Then one day he asks her out on a date to a folk concert, she says yes! He’s so prepared he got the boat ready, he’s making everything romantic, then when they get there she leaves him for another guy. He’s both sad and mad, he’s sad because he spent all that time into getting everything ready for their date and she ends up ditching him once they get there. He’s also sad because he really liked her and thought he had a chance since she said yes to go on the date with him, but he also cut the line with the huge bass on it because he didn’t want to scare her away, but right after he did that she left anyways, so he lost both when he thought he’d get to keep Sheila. I’ve gone through something similar to that, but it wasn’t a crush or a boyfriend, it was my cousin. I loved my cousin Catalina because who doesn’t love their own family, right? I loved her because she was family, every time I

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