Manipulation In King Richard III

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Manipulation is defined as one’s ability to influence others in order to achieve one’s own needs in King Richard the III. Manipulation acts as the key mechanism through which Richard acquires the throne. Specifically he manipulates those around him in three ways: exaggerating on his deformity, his , and plotting schemes to defame others. He focuses in on his deformity to seek sympathy from the audience and those around him. By doing so, he is able to proceed with his subtle plots of murder undetected. His ways around words thrust people to follow through with his orders without a second thought. Furthermore, his bold plan to woo Anne succeeds. His well crafted phrases transform Anne’s hate for him to her acceptance to marry him though well…show more content…
Although Anne is mourning over her husband’s dead body, Richard proceeds with his quest to win her over as his first step towards becoming king. Despite Anne’s scornful statements, Richard showers her with compliments stating her “beauty…did haunt me [him] in my sleep” ().Furthermore, he argues that he killed her husband because her “beauty was the cause of that effect” (). He puts her at the center of attention by emphazing her beauty making her feel somewhat special. He toys with her emotions by giving her the attention a woman desires. He further justifies that he did her a favor and killed him because “ he was fitter for that place [heaven] than earth” (). Specifically, he implies that he she deserves better, specifically himself. When flattery does not win her over, Richard resorts to using death as a tool in winning her over: “I lend thee this sharp-pointed sword; Which if thou please to hide in this true bosom… humbly beg the death upon my knee” (). This move by Richard is not only bold but tactical. During Anne’s most emotionally vulnerable moment, he uses death as a means to gain her forgiveness and her hand in marriage. Well aware of Anne’s inability to commit such a crime he is confident that she cannot stay angry at him for long. When Anne refuses to kill him he tells her to “Take up the sword again, or take up me.” This time, Richard does not…show more content…
Specifically, he uses Catseby and Buckingham to not get involved in the schemes themselves. To present himself as noble and worthy to be king he orders Buckingham to “Infer the bastardy of Edward's children and to tell the people “how Edward put to death a citizen” and that he did evil things to “make his son Heir to the crown” (). By ordering Buckingham to do this, he is ruining the king’s name but from a distance. In ordering to kill Clarence he hires two murders to carry on with the plan and to be “sudden in the execution” (). Once again, he turns away from the responsibility forcing others to carry through with the deed. To be able to have other people work for him, he manipulates them by giving them an incentive to work for him. He makes unrealistic promises he cannot keep. To maintain Buckingham’s loyalty to himself, Richard promises Buckingham that he will give him luxury and riches if he stands by his side. However, he betrays Buckingham saying he is “in the giving vein to-day” (). It is evident that Richard manipulates Buckingham to get things done and that he only promised such things and treated Buckingham well solely for his own

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