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Vincent Auletta Dr. Kelly DeVries HS 335.01 December 10, 2014 The Conquest of Lisbon The Spanish Reconquista was a long and complex process, involving frequent obstacles and limited advances. One example of a challenging campaign was the conquest of Lisbon. In 1447, as part of the Second Crusade, a group of crusaders left England for the Holy Land. They were eventually convinced to stop in Portugal to help King Alfonso VII of Leon and Castile in his campaign to take the city of Lisbon from the Moors. At the beginning, the men of diverse nations, backgrounds, and languages gathered at the port of Dartmouth, located on the south coast of England. They arrived in about one hundred and sixty-four vessels. (Allen 292) These crusaders of so many…show more content…
He also requested that King Alfonso VII of Leon and Castile connect his campaigns against the Moors with the rest of the Second Crusade. The crusaders agreed to help King Alfonso attack Lisbon, with a formal agreement that offered the crusaders the goods and the ransom money from Lisbon. After nearly four months of fighting, the Moors eventually decided to surrender. Most of the crusaders settled in the newly captured city, but some of the crusaders set sail and continued to the Holy Land. Since most of the crusaders settled in Lisbon, the number of Christians in Iberia increased greatly. Lisbon eventually became the capitol of the Kingdom of Portugal in 1255. Furthermore, Gilbert of Hastings was elected Bishop marking the beginning of a historic relationship between England and Portugal. This relationship would eventually spark the establishment of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance. The overthrow of Lisbon was one of the few Christian victories in the Second Crusade. Although the victory did not come easy, it was a pivotal battle towards the Reconquista of Spain. The conquest of Lisbon was a momentous turning-point in the Reconquista of Spain, which was eventually completed in

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