Comparing Douglas Brinkley's Rosa Parks And Rita Dove

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Dignified. Brave. Selfless. These are all words that one will imagine when they picture Rosa Parks. Throughout the years many have been inspired by Parks and written different works of literature to express their gratitude to Rosa Parks. Two examples are Douglas Brinkley who wrote a biography called “Rosa Parks” and Rita Dove who wrote an amazing poem, “Rosa” to admire her. Even though both pieces of writings are directed toward Parks they both focus on a different angle of that historical moment. Brinkley includes Parks daily life which helps build up to that moment on the bus. Dove specifically writes about the bus ride and the actions Parks committed. Rosa Parks is one busy woman down South in Montgomery, Alabama. Parks worked as seamstress in crowded basement but she also had a second job. She was a prominent member of the NAACP, working as organizer for workshops and meetings. Rosa was very involved with the NAACP, Brinkley writes, “Parks mind was more with the NAACP than her work duties.” (line 16) Parks lived with her husband whose occupation was a barber and mentions her mom when she is wondering what she is going to cook for dinner. She…show more content…
She desired for black people as a whole to be able to live a life of equality, especially the lives of her children. It would be unthinkable for her children to have to go through terrifying experiences similar to hers growing up, Parks remembers,”the memory of her grandfather back in Pine Level keeping watch for the KKK every night with a loaded shotgun in his lap,” Parks understands in order to “flesh out” equality for her children and their children something needed to happen to start the ball rolling for the movement. With that in her mind along with the strength of her ancestors Parks protested, even though it was the mere act of

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