Mickey Rourke's Poster In 'The Wrestler'

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A poster exists to summarize to the audience what he would see onscreen. It acts like a still trailer, analyzing a poster allows to identify which subjects or themes will be mainstreams, how the characters will be presented and who will be the movie’s star. In The Wrestler, there is a slew of elements suggesting the plot of the movie and Mickey Rourke’s persona depicted into it. The Wrestler’s poster depicts Mickey Rourke as central to its story and relies a lot on Rourke star’s image to promote the film: after 15 years of ruining and hampering his acting career, he eventually returns onscreen with the character of Randy the Ram. Both men, character and persona echo each other by their story. It could even be argued that Randy’s story is Rourke’s…show more content…
His facial expression remains shadowed. Hence, there is a strong focus on his body suggesting the entertainment. This leads to a contrast with his face hidden in the dark, his personality is minimized compared to the performance his body can offer. Rourke’s characters are known for being expressive with their body, as Walsh stated ‘Rourke’s athlete protagonist have greater articulacy of body than of speech’ (2014 : 68). The bright light from the spotligh paints a golden colour, enhanced by his dyed blond hair and implies glory of his wrestling career. As Randy is highlighted, his audience is shaded. It suggests an intimate moment. It is him and them, those who recognize, respect and admire him. Outside of his wrestler’s fellowship he is ‘socially defunt’ and an ‘anti-hero’ (Walsh, 2014). It is him displaying who he really is to his…show more content…
Hence, The second step in analysing this poster is to read the words accompanying the image. Over all, first two texts coming out visually are ‘The Wrestler’ and ‘Mickey Rourke’ compared to other texts in smaller print (in the back it can be seen very slightly his surname as well ‘RAM’ hidden behind THE WRESTLER). its title ‘The Wrestler’ brings ambiguous meanings. Professionally, Randy is a wrestler, wrestling on ring as much as wrestling in life against his past. He constantly wrestles against his miserable conditions, his heart disease and his love for catch. Then comes the name of Rourke above the title, almost in same size but different colours. Rourke’s name is in white, contrasting ‘the Wrestler’ in golden yellow (implying as said above his past glory). This difference of colours could reinforce the differences to note between the actor and his character. However, the proximity between both gives the impression they will blend into each other. Because if the audience knows Rourke’s personal path, he knows how similar the persona and the character are. Just below those appear ‘LOVE. PAIN. GLORY’, the main themes to expect in the film and defining the film’s genre as a drama. Those words are put in a certain order as well, as if they were stages before ending to the glory. Those subtitles contain ambiguous meanings as well. It can be paternal or sport’s love, physical pain or

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