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In Robert Bolts play, A Man For All Seasons, the character Thomas Cromwell shows that one would do anything for power and wealth. The king had wanted a divorce but he needed More’s support in order for this to happen. Cromwell was very eager to benefit himself, so he had started to plan a way where he would be able to convince More to support the king. Cromwell showed this through three main ideas; Cromwell had tried to persuade one of More’s friends Richard to join his office. If there was one person that did not agree with Cromwell’s beliefs, he would do anything in order to change their mind. Lastly Cromwell ended up getting More executed because More was ruining Cromwell’s chances of gaining more power and reputation. In the society Cromwell lived in no one respected each other, all everyone…show more content…
Richard had wanted More to employ him, so he could have a big status in their society. All Richard had thought about was the wealth and power he would receive and Cromwell had noticed right away. More had let down Richard stating, “A man should go where he wont be tempted.” (Bolt 7). Richard was very angry at the fact that More did not want to help him and that was when Cromwell came to get Richard on his side to help bring down More. Cromwell had known that if he was able to take away all of the things More had, he would be able to get More on his side. Cromwell had asked Richard, “Ah yes. Are you very attached to His Grace’s library, or would you be free to accept an office?” (Bolt 37), Richard had replied stating, “Have you offices in gift?”(Bolt 37). Right away Cromwell had noticed Richard was very interested and was easy to bribe. He had then offered Rich a job right away for collecting taxes. Richard was a listener for Cromwell and if he had heard anything which would be helpful he would tell Cromwell right

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