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The Supreme Madness “A Cask of Amontillado” is a short horror story by Edgar Allen Poe. Poe composed a dark and cruel tale of Montresor; a sinister man, full of rage and hate, who cleverly and deceitfully murders Fortunato in a grotesque manner. Montresor states that he kills Fortunato over an insult however; the underlying reason behind Montresor’s actions and characteristics are due to the fact he is a sociopath; a person who lacks a social conscience and a sense of moral responsibility. A man who is willing to kill his friend of an insult is clearly not in good mental health. Our narrator for this story is Mr. Sinister himself, Montresor lets us into his mind and shows the reader his true nature through his words, thoughts and actions. The first clue as to the true nature of Montresor’s personality disorder is through his words and thoughts; he…show more content…
He takes the time to devise the perfect crime; Montresor uses what he knows about Fortunato to his advantage. Knowing Fortunato is a proud man who has an enthusiasm for wine, Montresor manipulates him using both of these traits; first telling him he has Amontillado that needs to be authenticated and that he was looking for Luchesi to judge it for him. Fortunato refuses to admit anyone could out match him and without a second thought tells Montresor to take him to his vaults so he can judge the wine. Most disturbing of all about Montresor is the underlying way he mocks Fortunato to his face about his death, at first without Fortunato even knowing what he is truly meaning. The first example is when he states he is a man that would be missed. The most ironic example is when Fortunato coughs “I shall not die of a cough. True-true” (Poe 1110). And just before he finally finishes walling Fortunato in his tomb Montresor has one last insult before leaving his “friend” to his cruel fate “Let us be gone” (Poe

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