Comparing Oswalt's His Only And Beloved Son

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Knowing the characteristics of God enables mankind to worship and depend on Him with a genuine heart. Without God’s revelation, one would probably just go with the flow like the non-Christians who bustle without plan or purpose in pleasing gods and seeking peace. Oswalt explains how the ancient Greek philosophers used logic alone to assert the logical inconsistencies of the worldview which claimed “that this is a ‘polyverse’ in which we live, wherein existence is the result of the conflict of many different forces most of them unseen, and many of them unknowable.” Moreover, the Greek philosophers had concluded that without specific revelation from God, they were unlikely to convince their neighbors to accept their logical thought. In light of modern example, it is hard for someone to interact with one without one’s revelation of principles or features. Therefore, it is vital for God to reveal himself to humans so that people can know how to obey and love God as the above mentioned Greek philosophy and…show more content…
First, God has revealed himself through creation with His invisible qualities, His eternal power, and His divine nature so man could know Him, thank Him, and glorify Him though they failed. Then God has presented himself even more directly with the covenant of His laws. The LORD has also revealed Himself to different people such as Abraham, Moses, Samuel, Paul, etc. with historical accounts, while He has revealed Himself through forms like miracles, prophets, and words. Last but not the least; the Father has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ, with one of the most crucial idiosyncratic of the Trinity of God, with the sub sequential conviction by the Holy Spirit to draw us closer to Him. Thus, “through Him we both have access in one Spirit to the

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