Major Differences Between Native Americans And The Spanish Colonization Of The Americas

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NAME: TUTOR: DUE DATE: QUESTION: contrast three major differences between the spanish and the british conquest of the americas, in requards to their relationship with the native populations. how does this history iact latino identity? INTRODUCTION The Spanish colonization of the Americas began in 1492 and the British colonization of the Americas came later in the year 1607 in Jamestown Virginia. However the two conquests had some major differences in regard to how they related with the native population. They are; DIFFERENCES One of the major difference between the two conquests is the number of the Americans native who perished in the conquest. The Spanish Conquest resulted to more deaths than the British conquest. The conquest by the Spanish led to the death of about 90% native Americans in South America, about 70% in Central and close to 100% in the Caribbean. In addition the local tribes had to deal with high declines in their…show more content…
Though in both the conquests, there was ill treatment of the natives, the Spanish had very poor relations with the natives; their soldiers viewed them as fit only for killing or subjugation. A testimony given blames Columbus of brutality against the people of the land and forced labor that declined their population from millions to thousands over a decade. On the other hand the British were originally friendly and relied on the natives for trade and help for survival. In regard to religion and culture, the british practiced some torelance to the natives as far as religion is concerned but they were largely non-catholics. On the other hand the Spanish restricted the settlers to catholics and they persecuted the protestants and drove them out and their culture was severely repressed. The british conquest also had moderate slavely and indentured service while the Spanish conquest forced tens of thousands of Indians to work for

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