Boxer's Relationship In Animal Farm

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In Animal Farm, Orwell powerfully depicts the relationship between the pigs and the other animals through their conversations on the farm. In this particular extract, Squealer says ‘We will build another windmill. We will build six windmills if we feel like it’. This shows how little he cares about Boxer’s serious injuries, as he does not even acknowledge them. Squealer also doesn’t mention how none of the pigs would be participating in rebuilding the windmill, which hints towards the growing divide between the ruling pigs and the rest of the animals on the farm. Irony is also demonstrated here, through the repetition of the word ‘we’. Squealer, as well as all of the other pigs, did nothing to help with the construction of the windmill, apart from giving orders. This point is reinforced when Squealer mentions ‘our victory’, because earlier in the extract, we find out that Squealer was ‘unaccountably absent’ during all of the fighting that occurred. It becomes clear at this point that Boxer’s life, in addition to all of the other animals’, is only going to become worse as the pigs continue to rule.…show more content…
For the rest of the animals, ‘The sight of their dead comrades stretched upon the grass moved some of them to tears’ and they ‘halted in sorrowful silence’. This shows that the animals really did care about each other, and are sticking closely to the ideals that Old Major set out at the very start of the novel. However, as Squealer ‘came skipping towards them, whisking his tail and beaming with satisfaction’, it becomes clear that he is completely oblivious to any of the tragic events that just occurred. This proves that not only do the pigs contribute nowhere near as much work as the other animals do towards the farm, but do not care at all when the other animals are upset, injured or even

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