My Trip To Mackinac Hall

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As I walked across the street to Mackinac hall, a cold fall breeze danced across my legs, “why am I still wearing shorts.” I thought to myself, as I walked up the short staircase to the doors, holding it open for my friends I brought with me. I had no idea where we were going and resorted to looking at a map to find section D of the building. After wandering the halls for about ten minutes we finally found where the club was meeting. Outside of the classroom, down a long hallway, stood a student in a purple dress shirt. “Are you looking for something?” he asked as we approached. “Yes actually, the alternate realities…” I paused because I realized we had made it, our journey was over. We thanked the doorman and went inside, as I entered I wondered…show more content…
It was as if we walked through a portal to a jungle, I didn't know if we were still at Grand Valley. I walked to the back corner of the room, the place that was the quietest if that was even a possibility and the thought ran over my mind, “what am I even doing here”, it was a madhouse. The room was quieted down with an enormous bang of a book hitting the front most table. The leader of the club, Ryan, thanked us for quieting down, as he introduced himself and explained a little bit about the club. The rest of the group leaders introduced themselves in turn. I again asked myself why was I even here, I didn’t know whose these people were, but that's why I was here . After the introductions were over, the circus mentality started up again tables moving, games being brought out, people trying to talk to everyone. That's when the doorman showed up again, “Do you guys want to play a game of Star Realms?” he asked. I accepted and he led us out into the hallway and, thankfully to a quieter room. The doorman identified himself as Josh, and he taught us how to play the game and we only got through one round before he had to

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