Machiavellian Argumentative Essay

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The first aspect of Machiavellian princehood is shown in Richard II. In Richard II, Bolingbroke executes Bushy, Bagot, and Green, the “minions” and performers of King Richard’s plans. Bolingbroke realized that if he was not only going to retrieve his dukedom but usurp Richard, he would have to start small with those who were of little importance. By doing this, Bolingbroke eliminated the possibility of those who would assist Richard in keeping him on the throne. What also made this execution Machiavellian was that it was carried out with a lack of authority. The decision to implement an execution can only come from the king. Bolingbroke’s decision to execute Bushy, Bagot, and Green gave a hint to the nobility that he was going to take over,…show more content…
In Henry V and even in Henry IV, parts 1 & 2, Hal always has a “mask” on. This metaphorical “mask” is what ultimately allows us to cal Hal a “political play actor” or a “political athlete”. In Henry IV, Hal has a balance between a ruthless Machiavellian and a humble and flattered prince. What makes Hal so Machiavellian, alike his father, is the way he is able to switch his attitude. In Henry V, when Hal assumes the position of king, he plays king. Hal watched his father try to be king and saw that his attempts ultimately killed him. While talking to Scroop in Act II, Scene II, Hal asks what should be done to the traitors as a punishment and Scroop, unaware that Hal already knows that he is one of the traitors, says, “Let him be punish’d, soverign, lest example breed, by his sufferance, more of such a kind.” Scroop is attempting to “seem” like he does not know who the traitors are and says that when they are found, they should be punished severely. After revealing to Scroop and the rest of his people that he knows that they are the traitors, Hal uses Scroop’s suggestion to his advantage and has them executed for treason. This was one of the more significant pieces of the play because it can be related to when Bolingbroke executed Bushy, Bagot, and Green. The only difference between the two events is that Hal had the authority to do so while Bolingbroke did

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