How Did Sneaker Companies Follow Famous Sneakers

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Sneakers: Top Seller Did you know that Converse All-Stars were the first shoes made for basketball? The revolution of sneakers evolved throughout the years which caused sales to skyrocket by attracting customers. Sneaker companies such as Nike and Adidas sponsored famous athletes that influenced others to wear their shoes; as a result, it blossomed sales. Because of the advancements of sneaker technology, it captivated athletes to jump the wagon. Sneakers got its name because it was so light that others could sneak up on people. Sneaker companies sponsored famous athletes which allured customers because the sponsored athletes succeeded in their sport. The accomplishment of an player winning with their brand of sneakers caught customer’s attention to shadow them. As stated in the first article, Jessie Owens wore Adidas when he won four gold medals at the 1936 olympics which tempted others to wear Adidas. This way of marketing was clever because many people wanted to follow popular athletes as a trend.…show more content…
As stated in article one, sneakers began to be produced for every sport, for example walking, running, and football. Racing and track shoes are redesigned cleats that enhance the athlete’s abilities (2). These cleats allowed racers to avoid sliding and compete at their highest ability. Nike developed some of the most popular sneakers for basketball such as the Air Jordans because they offered ankle support and utilize the air technologies (2). The air technology, invented by Nike, revolutionized cushioning by adding a pocket of air in the heel of the shoes. Nike developed the waffle sole that created additional sole and traction which was stated in article two. Innovations come with a price, so athletic shoes often cost more than $100 a pair. Every athlete wants to perform at their best; therefore, they must have sneakers with high performance which results in a skyrocket in

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