Loyen Loewald's Poem 'Be Good Little Migrant'

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Nothing Teach Us Better Than Our Experiences A warm welcome and good morning for all listeners to ABC Local radio program called Migrant Voices. I’m very pleased and proud to introduce a meaningful and truthful poem “Be Good Little Migrant” from a Vietnamese poet Uyen Loewald. A Poem which it’s bring smile on my lips and tears on my face. A poem which remember me all those sadness’s, hopelessness beside all those interesting and joyful actions, it’s remind me of a day were I first step in the Australia. The poem 'Be good, little migrants' is a mysteriously ironic perspective on what is predictable of migrants in contemporary Australian society. It is analyze the ways in which minority groups are exploited and patronized by mainstream society.…show more content…
I think life is really hard for a colored person who is Muslim in a society like this because you have whole of this stereotypes. The poem deals with themes of migration, acceptance, multiculturalism and stereotype. It highlighted the suffered when a migrant come to Australia. Every day a new life like living in western society, you will be stereotype of something that happening in another place in another country something that you not even…show more content…
I just don't know what everyone is on about and I thought how I would cope with it for rest of my life. It was hard to talk to people and the most of the time I would sit in one corner of the class at lunch or morning and just keep thinking how beautiful my days were in Iran I would missed my friend, my cousins and all the relatives who I used to play with them. This poem, “Be Good Little Migrant” is related to all my feeling and experiences. “Be good little migrant, learn English from ESL and RSL” advice a migrant to be an aggressive powerful during this new journey like all those lovely conversation I had with my teachers to help

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