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Book 2- Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Journal Response 11: “The scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love” Pg 1 (Theme) This quote tells us a lot about Dr. Urbino’s opinions of love. From the diction “bitter almonds” we know that he is talking about a poison. Also “unrequited love” tells us that the people who usually take the poison are suffering from heartbreak. From this we can infer that he thinks love is an disease, and if you get heartbroken you will lose and die. Journal Response 12: “Lay the body of a black a Great Dane with a snow white chest” Pg 1 (symbolism) Dogs are loyal animals. They stand by their master sides forever. In this quote we see that the dog had died along…show more content…
All throughout the story they talk about how Florentino is lovesick, and how lovesickness had the same symptoms as cholera. Because Florentino is raising the yellow flag he is admitting to his sickness. this means that he is confessing his lifelong love for Fermina, and accepting her love. Genre Analysis: Central conflict involves love and lust: This story does involve love and lust. In the beginning of the story Florentino thinks he is in love with Fermina. After a while they like each other a little more. When Fermina leaves him, he lusts after every girl he sees. He relies on his lust to hide his love for Fermina. When they are reunited they do end up falling in love. Optimistic ending: In the ending of the book Fermina and Florentino fall in love and sail down the river together. Before their happy ending they both go through a lot of misery. Florentino gets rejected by lots of women, but he does end up with his first love. Fermina’s father treats her terribly and she marries a guy who doesn’t love her. In the end they both end up with something they love, and that loves them back. Obstacle in way of

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