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Ambition in Macbeth, is presented as a dangerous aspect or quality. Throughout the recent chapters, it both; causes and forshadows the downfall of both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. In the play, Macbeth’s ambition is mostly driven by the prophesy foretolled to him by the witches, where Lady Macbeth’s is driven by her impulse of wanting more than she possesses. Ambition is therefore the driving force of the play. And because both characters are driven by such contrasting factors, it created a great deal of tension between the two. The first thing that the audience notices about the play is the infamous husband-wife duo between the Macbeths. They are close-knit and have a pretty good understanding of each other. “Thy letters have transported me…show more content…
And because he was willing to share the witches prophesy of him becoming king with his wife shows that they are very coherent with each other. “Macbeth, tomorrow, as he purposes.”(1.5.61). When Lady Macbeth read her husbands isuspicious letter about the witches and their prophecies, she immediately wanted to kill Duncan. She, however; doubted that her husband has the drive to do this evil. Therefore she goads him into killing Duncan by telling him he's not a man in her eyes unless he does this deed. Knowing that her husband wishes to please her, she basically uses that against him. But it was very clear that Macbeth would never use her wfe in such ways. In fact, I believe that he would shield her by not telling her of his intents. So builds the tension between the two lovers. Lady Macbeth especially recognizes the flaws and qualities in her husband, but still she aims to fulfill his ambitions and dreams by putting her own life at stake. She realises his dream of attaining kingship but she is also aware of his cowardly nature and knows that he would always take the rightious way out (the correct path). She knows that hewould never exercise his evil (horrid) nature in order to fulfil his own personal desires. This is why she drives away

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