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There comes a time where people make decisions, which led to their lifestyle choices. For instance, Locavorism a new type of lifestyle connected to the food industry. What are locavores? Locavores are people who believe eating locally grown product means the best type of diet there is. People who turn into the new fad do not necessarily gather, equip, or consume the information that the world gives. When eating locally, it could range up to 50 miles to 500 miles, some may even just contribute to their neighborhood countries. Any person who considered themselves as locavores only eat foods that have been grown through their community (Source F). Throughout the seven sources produced it specify on mainly the benefits of a locavore. This locavore…show more content…
Maiser states “a dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy” (Source A), the dollar Maiser declares may support the economy of the community, however it doesn’t skyrocket the farmers in other countries who send tropical vegetables and fruits to the United States, while it’s a plus to the community in a long term it would take time for it to be beneficial to the county itself, however this may take time it does not propose the community is not deserving of bringing farmers back from the roots. This helps the economy in the community, as well the dynamic of knowing one another in their community. In the article Local Haterade: Authors Say Locavores Do More Harm than Good proclaims “either voluntarily or through political mandates, locavorism can only result in higher costs and increased poverty, greater food insecurity, less food safety and much more significant environmental damage than is presently the case,” this leads to the effect of the question, Is Locavorism truly an asset or just an ignorant fad? They would say it’s an ignorant fad since some are not knowledgeable of the topic, however it does not necessarily mean all locavores are

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