Living Conditions In The 1920s

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Workers that were left destitute felt like there was nothing left for them-that there was no hope. This is because of the American dream because in the 1920s people had an opportunity to prosper and succeed because it was a time of huge prosperity in the USA. People were extrememely disappointed when the great depression came round because they had numerous of hopes and dreams and they were not able to achieve their dreams because of the economic set back. During the great depression, the living conditions were horrible. Children between 10 and 18 had to drop out of school to work in factories, farms and mines to provide for their family and people began to eat foods that were easy access and cheap such as soups,rice,vegetables and beans. A huge number of people started to become homeless because they lost their job and were unable to pay for their rent. People would do anything to have a roof over their head such as making stacks which soon became a shanty town called Hooverville.The shacks were made out of tar paper, cardboard or scrap material.…show more content…
People who lost their jobs couldn’t feed themselves, pay their rent and support their family. This caused numerous of families to live together in crowded houses. People couldn’t afford to divorce because they needed the income of everyone to pay for food and rent which caused women to be reliant on their husband. Men who lost their jobs often felt ashamed of themselves and if their children or wives started working, men felt that their status had fallen. Women often got fired if the employer found out that she was married, women were often accused of taking jobs away from
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