How Is The American Dream Related To The Great Gatsby

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Did you know that the American Dream is related to Fitzgerald's book, “The Great Gatsby”? They may seem unrelated but in reality, they are related to each other. To show the connection, I'll go over what the Dream is, its relation to the first world war, the 1920s and the condition of the dream back then, how the novel represents it, and finally, how the themes of dreams, wealth, and time relate to each other in the novel. To start off, the American Dream has no definition that's agreed upon by everyone, but tit does have a general meaning. To put it simply, it states that any American no matter what their current state, with hard work have an equal chance of attaining happiness and material comfort. Another way of putting it would be hoping for wealth and happiness which is represented by one owning a house. After the first world war, many things have changed: the states became the world's greatest economic power due to being tied to other countries by join interests, politics, and trade which made the foreign investments at the time to increase significantly. Also, not only had they gained a lot of income as a government, but even the people had gained a lot of income. This increase in income caused the people to change in various ways that affected how they saw the Dream, which leads us to the 1920s.…show more content…
People fell in love with all the goods they had from the money, to the music and even the most petty of things! Women had their freedom, races were intermixed, everything seemed possible! This however, had made the people only care about the materialistic value of things. They had become so shallow they stopped appreciating hard, honest work they would just take the fastest route to wealth and status. This change had corrupted the American Dream so that it wasn't worth pursuing anymore, and Fitzgerald made this clear in his novel through

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