Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero And The Son Of Neptune

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In previous mythology books by Rick Riordan he mainly sticks to the greek depiction of the gods, and goddesses. In “The Lost Hero” and “the Son Of Neptune” the portrayal of both the Roman and Greek gods and goddesses and their kids. The portrayal of the gods is used as a essential part in conveying the point and plot of the story. Also the depiction of their kids and tense between them and their loathing for one another. Rick Riordan’s “The Lost Hero” and “the Son Of Neptune” uses the Roman and Greek personas of the gods to convey differences and tension between the Greek and Roman gods, and demigods. The Roman gods are more serious than the Greek gods. Covis (son of Hypnos) said that the Roman gods were much more stern with their kids…show more content…
The greek demigod camp is a laid back safe haven that twelve year olds go, to escape monsters. The Roman demigod camp is a lot more like a military community. ‘The kids of Rome’ are expected to ‘serve’ for ten years and then are free to go get a life. The Roman demigod camp is also a lot more formal, and disciplined. The Greek demigods are pretty much just trying to protect demigods. In ‘’The Lost Hero” Rick Riordan portrays the character ‘Jason Grace’ as more serious and disciplined than the Greek demigods. In “The Son Of Neptune” the Roman demigod camp is much more strict and formal than the demigods at the Greek camp. The demigods at the Roman camp are also more competitive and…show more content…
The tense between the Roman and Greek demigods is more than dislike, it’s hatred. The tension between the Romans and the Greeks can be seen far back in history, when the Romans took over Greece and made it a part of the Roman empire in 146 BC. In “The Lost Hero” the Greek and Roman demigods fight a civil war in 1864. The gods and the immortals associated with the gods, have sworn not to tell the Roman and Greek demigods about each other. The air god ‘Boreas’ was going to freeze them, but he let them go because he figured the Roman and Greek demigods would kill each other

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