Lindburgh Kidnapper

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In the case of the Lindburgh baby kidnaping I think the three components, police, courts, and corrections worked against each other to convict an innocent man Bruno Richard Hauptmann. The case begins with the nanny putting the baby to bed and returning at 10pm to find the baby missing. The baby having a cold had blankets piled on and pinned down, the blankets were untouched and still pinned to the baby’s bed. Mr Lindburgh was in his study directly below the baby’s room and heard nothing out of the ordinary besides a bang in the kitchen. How could the kidnappers come into the house without making a sound or alarming the family dog was the question on every person in Americas mind? The baby was taken Tuesday March 1, 1932. The police suspected…show more content…
There were missing steps on the inside of the middle section of the ladder, proving the kidnapper had fallen while exiting the nursery window. The kidnapper did not account for the extra weight of the baby. During the investigation Dr. John Condon posted a note to the kidnappers in the Bronx Home News on March 8, 1932. In his message he offered the kidnappers $1000.00 of his own money along with any ransom, in exchange he wanted to be the contact between the family and kidnappers. Dr. Condon claimed he wanted nothing more than to see the baby safely returned. Later that night Dr. Condon found a letter from the kidnapper agreeing to the terms and advising him to post “the money is ready” in the New York American and would receive further instructions after the posting. On March 12, 1932 Dr. Condon received a knock at the door, it was a taxi driver with a note of further instruction, which led him to a cemetery. There he met a man who called himself “John”. “John” asked questions such as “If the baby were dead would ransom still be delivered in exchange for the body?” and “would I burn if the baby were dead?” Indicating the baby might already be deceased, however “John” assured Dr. Condon the baby was still alive and sent proof to him at a later time. The money was turned over to “John” in return a letter giving the location of Martha’s Vineyard and a boat called “Nelly” which was never

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