Linda Richards

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“Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire and the power to inspire others to follow.” (Lombardi, 2010.). There are many different qualifications to be a leader and display leadership. It is vital that a leader is an exceptional communicator and a fabulous team worker. They must serve as a role model to those in their field of expertise. A leader is an individual who encourages others to work hard and to think outside the box. They are honest, responsible, and optimistic. It is necessary that every nursing professional have the characteristics of a leader. Linda Richards was an exceptional nursing professional, who displayed incredible leadership qualities. Linda Richards made many contributions throughout her career and served as a strong nursing professional. In the late 1800s, females did not have an…show more content…
She improved and created many training programs for nurses. Richards believed that nurses deserved a role in the medical field and that they are critical to every medical team. I see Richards as a role model because she was an incredibly successful woman, which I admire. Richards was a very intelligent woman. She was the first professionally trained nurse and after graduating she went on to train at Nightingale’s School in England. I found it admirable that she was so eager to further her education. Richards was also a very compassionate individual. She encouraged her students and employees to focus on sanitation techniques, in order to protect the health of the patients. She also created the first written record system for patient’s medical records. Richards made endless contributions to the nursing profession, and her contributions continue to live on through our written medical record systems. I chose Linda Richards as my nursing professional because she was an admirable, intelligent, and strong woman. I am eager to accomplish and succeed in my nursing career, like Linda Richards

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