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This monument was created in honor of Abraham Lincoln after his assassination. It took 8 years to complete, 1914-1922. The building is modeled after a Greek temple, and in the center is a large sculpture of Abraham Lincoln sitting down. The statue is 19 feet tall and 19 feet wide. It is a large tourist attraction in Washington D.C. Henry Bacon, the man who designed the Lincoln Memorial, included some symbols in this monument. -Its temple-like structure was modeled after a Greek temple known as the "Parthenon". Henry believed that since Lincoln supported democracy, the memorial should include a structure found in the place where democracy was started. -The memorial has 36 columns as a symbol of the 36 reunited states around the time of…show more content…
The two speeches chosen were "The Gettysburg Address", and "Second Inaugural Address". -Above the inscriptions were two murals to symbolize the meaning of the given speeches. "Why are symbols important and influential to individuals, communities, and nations?" The symbols in the Lincoln Memorial are important and influential because they stand for different things that was involved in Lincoln's life and presidency. For example, his belief and support of democracy has a symbol in his memorial, which is the design of the temple. Symbolism in other things are important for the same reason. They can stand for important things in the lives of people and can suggest accomplishments or beliefs for a certain thing/person. "What do symbols reveal about a nation’s and/or an individual’s values and beliefs?" Symbols can be straightforward, or suggestive. They make people think. For example, many people can benefit from one symbol such as freedom of speech, which is a symbol of our freedom. Symbolism is everywhere, sometimes obvious, sometimes you have to look closer and figure out what it might…show more content…
There are many symbols on the memorial that represent Abraham Lincoln. I'll explain a few obvious ones. The structure of the building itself is a symbol of Lincoln's belief in a strong nation. The 36 columns, which I mentioned in a earlier slide, was a symbol of the 36 states reunited during the time of Lincoln's death, which he fought to preserve. The memorial is being held up by the 36 columns, if one column was missing the building would fall. This itself is a symbol of how the nation would fall without all of its states. -At the base of the memorial, along the steps, right under Lincolns hands, is a symbol of fasces. Facses is a Roman symbol of authority and power. It is a bundle of wooden rods and an axe bounded by leather. It is symbolism of the power, strength and authority Lincoln had. It is easily overlooked by most people as a simple design, but it is a obvious symbol of Lincoln himself. -The inside of the memorial is made up of 3 chambers. The center is where the statue of Abraham sits, and the 2 surrounding walls are where his 2 most famous and iconic speeches are engraved. This is a symbol of his impact on our nation and how even after his death his words still are appreciated and listened

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