Lifeboat In Life Of Pi

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In the Life of Pi, Pi finds a connection with many different things. Throughout the story, he finds different things to connect to, including different religions and different animals. Survival is a main theme in the Life of Pi, as Pi is fighting to survive on the lifeboat. When Pi is out at sea, he has a lot of different things to contribute to his survival. In the beginning of Pi’s journey on the lifeboat, we see how the different animals on the boat interact with each other. In the story there are things that you will also see, like how some animals will do anything to survive, including kill. Some of the animals have a better sense of survival than others do. In Life of Pi, the story shows how some of the animals have a sense of survival,…show more content…
This is showing the hyena’s sense of survival. Pi saw the way the hyena killed to survive, while the zebra just laid there and did not even fight back. Pi uses the same drive as the hyena in his own survival. He sees how the hyena will do anything that he has to do in order to survive. Pi eventually does the same thing throughout his journey. He eats food he would never eat at home, does things that he has never had to do before, like tame a Bengal tiger. Pi learns from the hyena that in a world where you’re fighting for your life, you must kill or be killed. Pi learns to fight for his life and that is contributed to the fear the hyena put into him. The hyena showed Pi the true cruelty of the world, by showing him that he is surrounded by death and…show more content…
He brought right to all the wrongs of the hyena. But the way this animal killed was so different than the tactics of the hyena. The hyena kills just to kill and it doesn’t care who or what it is eating. The animal that took the hyena’s life, only killed him due to the amount of chaos and disruption it was causing. This animal had courage to put an end to all of the whining of the hyena and bring justice to the murder of the zebra. “I saw a sight that will stay with me for the rest of my days. Richard Parker had risen and emerged. […] The hyena’s end had come, and mine. […] The hyena died neither whining nor whimpering, and Richard Parker killed without a sound (Martel #87). Richard Parker killed in a way nothing like the hyena. He went right to the spot where it was cause no pain or suffering for the animal. The hyena’s death was instant. Whereas the way the hyena killed the zebra was torture. The hyena ate the zebra from the inside out, causing more pain and suffering due to the fact that the zebra was still alive while he was being eaten. Although Richard Parker had the ability to kill Pi at any time, he is one of the main reasons for Pi surviving. Richard Parker brought justice to the lifeboat by sending a murderer to death row. Although killing the hyena killing the zebra is nothing compared to a man killing another man, on the small lifeboat the hyena’s death was justice. It was what gave Pi a fight for

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