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In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, Piscine Patel, nicknamed Pi, demonstrates his values through a variety of ways when a tragic accident occurs. Pi is forced to make sacrifices in which he either has to apply his values of spiritual connection and moral lifestyle or go against them. Pi makes a sacrifice that illuminates his religious and spiritual beliefs when he is forced to decide if he’d rather kill and eat a fish or starve to death. Pi is Muslim, Christian, and Hindu, and eating fish is a wrongdoing in his religion. Pi is in a spiritual dilemma and needs to choose whether he will put his spiritual values aside or if he will starve and die. By making the decision to eat the fish, he is making a spiritual sacrifice. Religion is an ongoing theme…show more content…
When his family is trapped in the room of the sinking ship, Pi, who is safely on the deck of the ship, puts himself in danger by submerging himself under water, and sacrifices his own life in trying to save them. This illuminates his value of both life and helping others in need. Not just because of his religion must he value life but in his own personal belief, he values life and that everyone and everything is equal and has a right to life. Another instance is when Pi is making his own raft from limited supplies in the lifeboat after he is abandoned from the now sunken ship, which holds his family, while the tiger, Richard Parker, is in the lifeboat with him. Instead of killing the animal so he is safe, he values the life of this animal, even though it could kill him. Because his father owned a zoo, he taught Pi to respect living creatures; therefore, respect is another one of Pi’s values. Respect towards people even if they don’t give him respect in return. Respect towards non-living things. Pi also fends for the tiger by trying to fish for it so it won’t starve and die. Respect is evident because if Pi did not care for or respect Richard Parker, he wouldn’t put his life on the line and waste his energy, which is gradually depleting, by trying to help the tiger and instead, he would kill

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