Lewis's Essay: How Did Lewis Really Die?

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How did Lewis really die? Lewis died as a young man during the peak of his fame, but how exactly did he die? Lewis was an explorer and governor of the state of Louisiana at the time. He went on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and was Jefferson’s right-hand man, helping him prove Congress wrong, saying that they should’ve bought Louisiana for economic and other purposes. As for his death, historians have claimed that he committed suicide while at Grinder’s Stand for over 200 years. However, as we now look back, there are many holes in this claim. Lewis was a superstar back in the day, but he also had struggles and enemies of his own. Lewis died by murder by conspiracy. Lewis had been killed by a flintlock pistol, one shot to the back of the head, another to the gut. According to the crime reports, any one of those shots would have left him incapacitated. Two pistols were found at the scene, and if he had committed suicide, the position he was in would have been awkward, if he were to shoot himself both in the head along with his…show more content…
Lots of evidence points to murder by conspiracy, because Lewis had a lot of enemies, namely General Wilkinson. General Wilkinson despised Lewis, for Lewis had been selected as governor of Louisiana by President Jefferson, instead of Wilkinson himself. General Wilkinson had motive for murder. However, the Grinders may have had something to do with the murder as well. There is a possibility that they had murdered Lewis and made up a story that he committed suicide by somehow shooting himself in the head and in the gut, both able to leave him incapacitated. Also, it was not uncommon for people staying at inns to be robbed and quite possibly murdered, and Lewis likely knew himself that the route he was going on would be a very dangerous one for him. Lewis was also carrying along with him secret codes and classified information to relay to the president, and one may have been greedy to know about his

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