Explain Why Capitalism Is The Best Form Of Government Essay

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What is the best form of government and why? The society where we reside is not just governed by a state and a fundamental body but also by a revolutionary ideology. That ideology, which was someday looked down upon by people and was laughed on. But looking at the universal suffrage and the poor economically developed nations according to me, capitalism is the best form of government. Capitalism can be seen as the better economic choice because capitalist countries are usually much more technologically advanced, and because individuals can make their own business decisions and choose their profession without trouble or disapproval from the government. Capitalism is by far the better option for many reasons. Capitalism is the best way to run an economy because it allows individuals to make their own business decisions and to be self-motivated, it limits the power held by the government, and, unlike socialist countries, capitalist countries are more technologically advanced and better educated.…show more content…
A free market economy is “a system that operates independently of the government” (Walter, 2015). Laissez-faire economics is defined as “French for "let do," this phrase describes the capitalist economic system wherein business success and failure is determined from the course of events as they naturally occur, without government intervention. Laissez-faire policies could include low taxes, little government intervention, free markets, and private ownership of the means of production.” (Walter,

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