Lewis Pursuit Of Knowledge

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In his article, responding to Jackson’s article about knowledge, Lewis says that "knowing what an experience is like" means that you actually have to have the experience. It doesn’t matter how much scientific information one can provide, nor does it matter if that person spews forth neurophysiological processes that take place during an experience. In order to truly understand an experience you must experience it yourself. Lewis vehemently denies that one can come to know and understand an experience simply by learning new information. In his argument he has really two main parts: The first part of his argument says that, even though he denies it, dealing with someone who says, "knowing what an experience is like is a matter of learning new…show more content…
However, Jackson might actually prove more than he meant for it to. Instead of just proving that physical information is not enough to know what it is like to see red, but there is actually no amount of facts physical or non-physical that could provide one with enough knowledge to understand what seeing red would be like. The second part of Lewis's argument offers a sort of alternative to knowing what an experience is like. He does so by saying that it isn’t a matter of knowing special information. Lewis says that truly knowing is dependent on abilities: First is the ability to remember experiencing red, then is the ability to imagine or visualize the color red, following this is the ability to recognize objects as red by sight, and then finally is the ability to recognize experiences of red based on previous…show more content…
However, is that everything she really acquires? Or could one postulate that she did in fact acquire knowledge of some of the facts about experiences of red. One possible example could be that she learns what qualitative features red has. I think it is important to remember that Mary didn’t know what it was like for other people to see red, she didn’t know that it made Tom feel angry and that it reminded Jane about a sad French movie entitled, “The Red Balloon.” In Jackson’s article Mary knows that she can see and recognize red, so it is not really her abilities that are in question. What IS in question is if she can know certain facts about what seeing red means for everyone

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