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Dear A.S Neil; I am writing to you because, as I am finding my current school, Hampton School, cripplingly boring, I am considering transferring to your school, Summerhill, which I have heard much about. You have said before that it is your view that the traditional method of schooling is “all wrong”, and that you believe your type of schooling, based on freedom, democracy and an idealistic view of children is necessary to allow children to learn and become morally good. I have to agree with your views, as I feel that, if you force children to take part in lessons, they will never feel as willing to learn. Undeniably, one will never enjoy something one is forced to do, especially if they are in a place they don’t want to be, like a school. I think, personally, that if I didn’t have to go to lessons, I would be more likely to enjoy the ones I did go to as I’d want to be there, and that this would also help me learn the importance of learning, and develop a want to learn, just like the children who come from “ordinary” schools you talk about did. And as you have said…show more content…
You say that if you push children to do what you want them to do, they will not be happy doing that, but if you let them decide, they will be happy. You sum it up well in your famous quote: “I would rather see a school produce a happy street cleaner than a neurotic scholar”. I agree with this sentiment as, in my opinion, one’s mental wellbeing should override, by default, one’s financial wellbeing. What is the point of generation after generation of people labouring hard in order to obtain some piece of paper, or lump of precious metal, with abstract value, if they are not living a spiritually happy life. Letting a child do what they want to do will help them, I believe, do this, as well as develop. They will learn important life lessons from life itself, not artificially from

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